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Elain Archeron candle

Elain Archeron candle

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Creation candle

Elain Archeron

Spring Blossoms

“She loves her garden. Always loved growing things. Even when we were destitute, she managed to tend a little garden in the warmer months. And when - when our fortune returned, she took to tending and planting the most beautiful gardens you’ve ever seen. Even in Prythian. It drove the servants mad, because they were supposed to do the work and ladies were only meant to clip a rose here and there, but Elain would put on a hat and gloves and kneel in the dirt, weeding. She acted like a purebred lady in every regard but that.”

Scent Breakdown

  • Top- bright stemmy greens, orange
  • Middle - lily, rose, jasmine, violet
  • Bottom - sandalwood, musk, vetiver
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